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KSLIA continues to support the establishment of a training program and a certification process for it's membership. KSLIA envisions its role in a three pronged approach - the three C's - Certification of members, Continuing education for the practicing Interpreters and Conflict resolution through enforcement of the Code of Ethics.

Friday, August 23, 2013

List of KSLIA Officials 2000 - 2013

KSLIA Officials 2012 - Present
Chair - Leonida Tausi Kaula
V.Chair - Jack Owiti (elected) 
                Douglas Okeya **Acting/interim Vice Chair
Secretary - Gideon Mbogo
V. Sec. - Monica Nyambura
Treasurer - William Sila

Regional Representatives
Deaf Representatives

KSLIA Officials 2009 - 2012
Chair - Susan Mugwe
Secretary - Aggrey Akaranga
Treasurer - Monica Nyambura 

Regional Representatives
Nairobi/Central Region - Jack Owiti
Western/Nyanza Region - Simon Angira
Coast Region - Witness Tsuma
Deaf Representatives 
Washington Akaranga
Elizabeth Khamala

KSLIA Officials 2006 - 2009
Chair – Jack Owiti
Secretary – Mary Njoki
Treasurer – Eunice Kasisi
Regional Representatives
Western Region – Simon Angira
Central Region – David Agondwa
Coast Region – the Late Elizabeth Mwamburi (RIP)
Nairobi Region – Victoria Adhiambo
Deaf Representatives -- 
Washington Akaranga - KSL Training
Elizabeth Khamala - Deaf Blind
Jefwa Mweri – spokesperson for the association

KSLIA Founding Officials - Technical Working Group 2000 - 2006
Simon Angira, Mary Njoki, Catherine Wambui, Leonida Kaula, Aggrey Akaranga, Susan Mugwe, Jack Owiti, Victoria Adhiambo, Isabel Mugure, Lucy Atieno, Nancy Odipo, Washington Akaranga, Jared Osome, Enock Ombok - assisted by RPCVs Kevin, Trish, Cate, PCrume, MJ - PCK convening the Naivasha meeting in September of 2000. 

Source KSLIA minutes, eye witness accounts and historical records. KSLIA (R) (C) 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Naivasha Declaration: KSLIA Formation and Development #KSLIA2013

Down memory lane.....

The Peace Corps program relied heavily on interpreters to carryout it’s pre service training, which was offered mainly in English with Kiswahili and other local languages taught depending on the regional distribution of the volunteers. Interpreters where needed to facilitate the communication between the instructors and the Deaf volunteers. Due to lack of professional interpreters in Kenya the Peace Corps program invested in one or two interpreters from the US to work with the local interpreters to build their capacity and later be able to give better interpretation services to the Deaf volunteers. In 1999 there was a strong group of Deaf volunteers who advocated for funding to fund activities to build the capacity of local interpreters. This group of volunteers lobbied and finally secured funding to conduct a one-week workshop for the local interpreters. There were 15 interpreters who attended the training.

September 2000 during the one week workshop sponsored by the Peace Corps, the Kenyan Interpreters were challenged to form an association that would be responsible for three things – First be a social outlet for interpreters to meet and interact informally,secondly it was to be a place for correcting way ward interpreters enforcing a mutually agreed code of ethics and finally an avenue for continued professional development through peer education and role modeling. In the months following this there were a series of meetings dedicated to the formation of a Kenyan Interpreters Association. These meetings focused in the drafting of the constitution, code of ethics and contact list of available or practicing interpreters countrywide. These processes and the outcome of the one week training and late night meetings are what become to be known in Kenyan Interpreter community as the Naivasha declaration

The Naivasha Declaration states that: -

We the Kenyan Interpreters practicing in various fields agree to: -

a) To secure official recognition by the Government of Interpreters profession

b) Encourage and promote initiatives in improving the standards of SL interpreting and interpreter training and pay scale of interpreters depending with their level and skills of interpretation through certification.

c) Cooperation with other recognized bodies concerned in the welfare of the deaf and in provision of Interpreters throughout the world.

d) Awareness creation on Deafness and SL. Interpreters through publication of information materials

e) To collect and raise funds for the achievement of goals and objectives through membership fee, subscription, contribution, gifts or donations, commissions and payments, fund raising whether in money or otherwise from both members and non members.

f) To maintain and administer a register of S.L Interpreters in Kenya.

These later become the objectives of the Kenyan Sign Language Association, which was registered in December of 2000 under the Societies Act.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Polite Reminder

Feb 25 2012 at KNAD Offices on Twiga Towers off Murang’a Road from 10AM - 12Noon

All are welcome.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Dear Interpreter,

In accordance with the KSLIA constitution articles on Annual General Meetings and Special Meeting Clauses, that gives concerned members the mandate to call for and conduct a meeting on issues concerning the association, we being concerned members and as an official of KSLIA hereby call for a Special Annual General Meeting in the next 21 days starting from the date of this letter.

The meeting will take place on Feb 24 2012 at KNAD Offices on Twiga Towers off Murang’a Road from 10AM - 12Noon the agenda for the meeting will be as follows:

1. Review of previous period from last AGM to date

2. Election of officials

3. KSLIA future – opportunities 2012

4. KSLIA – KNAD cooperation

5. AOB

Please confirm your attendance by leaving a comment below.


Founding Chair and Liaisons Officer

KSLIA – Restructuring Committee

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Thank You all for the contributions you made to make the funeral possible. Words can not express the gratitude the family and community had spoken last weekend in Oyugis. The best summary is " let us all embrace peace and reconciliation, take time before you approach a thorny issue and seek a constructive solution. Mzee Dominic contributed immensely to the development of many NADs in Sub Saharan Africa, let us honor the memory by building a stronger Deaf community in Kenya and the region" 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update on Mzee Dominic's burial


Yesterday the 1st meeting of friends from the Kenya Deaf community resolved that the Meetings will continue from Wednesday 27 May 2009 to Wednesday 10th June 2009 at Immanuel Church of the Deaf, 7th floor, Kenbanco House, Moi Avenue/Haile Selassie Avenue junction. Please, feel free to attend ot the said dates and also send your generous
contributions. Please, inform others in your wider network of friends and acquitances.

Dominic Ouma Majiwa passed away on Monday, May 25, 2009 in Nairobi. He is
a former Executive Officer of Kenya National Association of the Deaf
(KNAD) and the immediate past Director of the World Federation of the
Deaf, Regional Secretariat for Eastern and Southern Africa (WFD-RSESA).

Following are some condolence messages received from the disability movement

----- Original message -----
Sent: 2009/05/27 09:34:47
Subject: Fw:Re: Burial plans for Dominic Ouma Majiwa

I have received the news of the passing on of Majiwa with deep sadness.

I have known Majiwa as a Champion for Disability Rights for close to 20
years. He was always calm and dignified in his interactions with me and
others. Even when he disagreed with one of us, he did it with respect and
made it clear that he was dealing with the issue not the person. I learnt
many lessons from Majiwa.

May our God give his family His Peace that passes all understanding!

Majiwa, go in beauty! May you enjoy the company of the Saints!
Shalom, Salome �

----- Original message -----
Sent: 2009/05/27 10:23:55
Subject: Fw:RE: Burial plans for Dominic Ouma Majiwa

Dear colleagues and comrade,
On my own behalf and that of my family I wish to sincerely mourn my departed
comrade, whom I worked with for many years in the struggle for a barrier
free and inclusive society. It's sad that he passing on a time when the
fruits of what he fought for are just about to ripen, anyway that happens in
most struggles. As we mourn the death of Dominic, lets remember what he
stood for and scarified so much but more importantly note that indeed the
struggle is far from over; the disability act 2003 has not been implemented,
the UN convention may still follow the same path unless we go back to the
drawing board and restrategize, remain engaged, bado mabambano, lets soldier
on,mungu amueke ndugu yetu mahali pema peponi,fare thee well dear brother.
Phitalis Were Masakhwe �

----- Original message -----
Sent: 2009/05/28 16:28:15
Subject: Fw:Fw: Re: Burial plans for Dominic Ouma Majiwa

Hi all
We have received the news of the demise of our beloved colleague and champion of the disability issues! We join the family and friends in thanking god for the time we had with Majiwa and pray that we shall have his spirit continue to motivate us to champion issues affecting the Disabled without fear.
May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

Kindly keep us posted on the arrangwements.

Alex Munyere
Chairman - UDPK and Albinism Society of Kenya

----- Original message -----
Sent: 2009/05/29 09:28:16
Subject: Fw:RE: Re: Burial plans for Dominic Ouma Majiwa

Dear All,
Our condolences to the family, friends and the entire disability fraternity. May the almighty God rest his soul in eternal peace
Kennedy Akolo
Program Manager – Disability - VSO

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Passing on of Mzee Dominic Ouma Majiwa - Founding Member of KNAD (Fathers of KNAD)

It is with profound sorrow and shock that we announce the death of Dominic Ouma Majiwa. Dominic pass away yesterday at his home in Nairobi.

He was one of the founding members of Kenyan National Association of the Deaf - KNAD, Former Chair of KNAD, long serving chairperson of various committees within KNAD, Regional Secretariat for Eastern and Southern Africa RSESA - WFD project, a Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) Trainer/Mentor, Local Leader/Elder, a Father, a Husband, a Friend and a Brilliant Son of Kenya.

The details of the funeral arrangements will follow as soon as the family releases official communication on the same.

Some of the work and times of Mzee Dominic Ouma are available here:




We share in the sorrow and loss with the family, relatives and friends. May the Lord give the family peace and comfort.

Rest in Peace Mzee Dominic Ouma Majiwa

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